*Intro is playing*

*Elimination playing*

Megaphone: We got 50 votes, THE MOST EVER!!!!!!

Megaphone: Breathmint is safe at 0 votes

Plug: Wait. What happened to my immunity?

Post-it: I burned it.

Plug: What?

*This is getting boring*

Megaphone: It's the final two, Post-it and Plug


Megaphone: Don't worry. You're safe at 8 Votes.

Plug: Then who's eliminated?

Megaphone: You are.


Megaphone: It's time for the challenge! Your challenge is a quiz.

You have an 1:00:00 (hour) to complete it.

*One hour later*

M;egaphone: Post-it gets immunity ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Post-it: YAY!!!!!

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